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Any artists who have been a credit to helping create specific black and white illustrations of my ideas from 1993 through 1996 are acknowledged in allowable information in Print on Demand site descriptions and through IPTC XMP Origin Credit information in stock images.

Special Thanks to Contributing Artists, Credits 1993 - 1996
Any art that was published of respective artist contributions is published below by name.
I presented them with my ideas and rough drawings and they did the art in black and white. Sometimes I colored it or painted larger specific work out of it. Otherwise some final editing in all drawings.

If you click on each image you will be taken to a corresponding site to see the larger version options and to buy the illustrations, mostly at Dreamstime. The illustrations are also available on my other stock image sites and some print on demand sites like zazzle.

I chose to work with these artist because I liked their styles and personalities. They just seemed to fit and I enjoyed working with them very much.

Terry Wampler

For over thirty years, Terry was an artist whose talents found expression in media ranging from cartooning to wood sculpture. His educational background included a BA in Journalism from Cameron University (1994), with a minor in Creative Writing and courses in Cartooning and Humor.

From 1993 through 1996, Terry was a cartoonist and gag-writer for national syndicated cartoonists Stan Fine, Goddard Sherman and others. Terry’s work has been published in The National Enquirer; First, Woman’s World, The Sun, NAPA Parts Pups, Medical Economics, Home Life, Adam and King Features. In addition, his fiction has been published in Lifestyles magazines, and he has written non-fiction medical stories for Southwest Medical Center, Lawton, Oklahoma.

In 1996, Terry begn focusing on wood sculpture. His work has been carried exclusively by the Working Artists Gallery in Grand Junction, Colorado, and he has competed in regional art shows throughout Utah and Colorado.

Cats Who Paint
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Getting anywhere running around? without words
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Older woman skips playing hopscotch with kids
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Party, dating, thought bubbles.
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Hair and Beauty Stylist Customers
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:




Driving Your Senses, New Year s Resolutions
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Two female office workers thinking
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Universe person silhouette in space
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Woman drying hair in a beauty parlor
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Buying things, lady shopping in the city
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:



Boy giving grandmother flowers.
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Woman jogging near man urban neighborhood
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: People in a Busy Restaurant
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:

John Wampler
John Wampler studied theater performance and costume design at Cameron University’s School of Fine Arts in Lawton, Oklahoma. After spending several years working as a graphic artist and marketing consultant for professional theaters across the country, John ventured into a career as a fine artist.. John’s award winning paintings and drawings have been exhibited throughout the state of Colorado.


Woman released from her old self
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Rose Heart Rose bushes illustration
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Rhythms Drum Dancing People
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Faces in Landscape
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Diamond is formed under great pressure
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:





Jim Monahan
The offspring of an artistic family, Jim has been drawing and painting from a very early age. He has worked as a freelance illustrator for several advertising agencies and design studios in Portland, Oregon and has shown his paintings at the Raindance Gallery in downtown Portland. Many of his illustrations and paintings have been seen in advertisements throughout the west, children’s books, public transportation buses, storefronts, restaurants, office buildings, and many private collections.
Jim received a BS Degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Oregon in 1989. He also attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, where he studied illustration. He has been an instructor at Portland Community College since 1993, and has taught classes in oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, as well as classes on illustrating children’s literature. Jim also enjoys working in graphite, charcoal and colored pencils. Since 1992, he has been a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Oregon Society of Artists.

Past Hatred, Present Love
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Praying by candle light in Lourdes, France
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Love makes a family
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Walking from darkness to light
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Bear Hug. Two bears hugging out in nature
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:

Religious playing basketball.
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Universe, hand, reaching for the stars
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Bird Lady Fun with the Pigeons.
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Time In to In Out of Time
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency: Woman reading book in library
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:










Nothing's for nothing, keyhole view of present magnet
Nothing's for nothing, keyhole view of present by SerenethosArt

Even snakes eventually shed. Snake skin store postcard
Even snakes eventually shed. Snake skin store by SerenethosArt

Modest doubt is beacon to the wise, Shakespeare magnet
Modest doubt is beacon to the wise, Shakespeare by SerenethosArt

Peter Greaver

See, hear, speak no evil with variation
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:

Sholeh Cusack


Eyes surrounded by darkness remembers light
© Photographer: Serenethos | Agency:

Bob Scherner


Eric Ries

Other artist credits are listed in IPTC in stock photos as well as my Zazzle sites.

Thanks for enjoying the art. :~)